Cody and Kim’s Wedding

When we got married, we could have had anyone officiate, but we wanted to make sure that the person who helped joined our lives together had a special connection to us. Enter Lance, my older brother. Lance has always been a great support system to us and we knew that he would be the right person to help guide us through this important time in our lives. Before and during our wedding, he offered his strength and support to ensure everything went smoothly. Then, to top it off, he brought with him his usual humor and flare that brought laughter and fun to our wedding. Wouldn’t have been the same without him!

Rachel and Jon’s Wedding

The last detail of the wedding we could not figure out was who was going to marry us! This was really a huge dilemma since we both come from different religious backgrounds and the only way that seemed to appease both religions was to have dual roles, something that did not seem to fit into our ideal wedding. We knew of the option to have a friend officiate, an idea we really liked, but we needed to pick someone who was professional, would structure the ceremony appropriately to accommodate both religions, and a good speaker. We were both patients of Lance and picked up on some of his background when we would go in for our adjustments. He had mentioned being raised Catholic, but also having Jewish influence throughout his childhood. A few weeks later when we were discussing our options we both remembered this and immediately thought he would be the best candidate. Not only did he have a background that touched on our upbringing, but we knew of his outgoing nature and communication skills. When we brought this up to Lance he was blown away and accepted the opportunity. He took the role seriously and met with us prior to the ceremony. We were soooooo happy with the decision, the ceremony had an amazing personal touch and many commented on how beautifully it was put together. We really had our ceremony exactly that way we wanted!

Kristine & Noel’s Wedding

“Our wedding wouldn’t have been the same without Lance. It seemed only fitting that he presided our wedding. When you get the chance to meet and know him, you realize he is one of the classiest people with biggest heart and sense of humor. When our family and friends look back at our wedding, everyone talks about Lance and the amazing job he did. He captured our personalities and incorporated it into our ceremony. Kristine and I wanted our family and friends to laugh and enjoy themselves at our ceremony. The biggest surprise came when he quoted Dr. Seuss – he was dead on what we expected and more! Lance not only made our wedding memorable, but he made an impression. To say, he went above and beyond, is to say the least. Words can’t describe what Lance meant to be a part of our wedding. Thank you so much!” — Kristine & Noel Valencia

Allison & Evan’s Wedding

My wife and I met Lance over ten years ago. Back then he was known as the big Chiropractor guy. Through the years we became close friends and attended many events that Lance hosted. When we got the opportunity to see Lance as a motivational speaker a few years back we knew that we wanted him to be a part of our wedding day. Lance, who has never been one to turn down an opportunity to hold an audience, gracefully accepted to be a reader in our wedding mass. He read eloquently and as he finished he walked by us and whispered, “nailed it”, bowed and walked back to his seat. It is a memory that we will never forget. Thanks Lance!